is there an advantage to having a human Horcrux?

I believe so. Chapter 102:

Alsso Merlin'ss Interdict preventss powerful sspells from passing through ssuch a device, ssince it iss not truly alive.

By which I infer that if the horcrux is alive, you can pass powerful spells through it.

Also, that whole discussion simply screams of Quirrell setting Harry up for a ritual where Quirrell will transfer his mind to Harry's body, and set up shop there, the end.

Harry musing on what Q might have done to the Pioneer Plaque:

“Or... hm. A portrait seems to store a whole human brain’s worth of information... you couldn’t have added any extra mass to the probe, but maybe you could’ve turned an existing part into a portrait of yourself? Or you found a volunteer dying of a terminal illness, snuck them into nasa, and cast a spell to make sure their ghost ended up in the plaque.

Q later describing the Horcrux spell.

Horcrux sspell channelss death-bursst through casster, createss your own ghosst insstead of victim'ss, i

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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, January 2015, chapter 103

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New chapter, and the end is now in sight!

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