If Harry gains access to arbitrarily powerful time travel (That's how I've interpreted your scenario. I apologize if I'm wrong.), doesn't that make the whole plot redundant? Can't Harry just go back to the beginning and tell himself everything?

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Well, what if even uber-time travel still has the paradox limitation. Harry figures out his becomus-goddus spell, and can go back in time arbitrarily far.

But if he mucks about with his own past in any way he doesn't remember he may unhappen his omnipotent ass. Moreover, this is true of almost all of history. Any mucking about that might prevent his timeline from making him invincible would be verboten.

So, what could he do? Not go back and tell himself everything, it would be a big gamble that his past self could consciously fake its way through the eve... (read more)

0ReevesAnd5yI would guess that the time travel would keep the restriction that he can't change the past. So he could recover her body and resurrect her in the future, but couldn't change the past events.
175th5yThat would pretty much DELETE ALL THE PEOPLE AFFECTED and REPLACE THEM WITH DIFFERENT VERSIONS [http://hpmor.com/chapter/14], so I don't think Harry would do that.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, January 2015, chapter 103

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New chapter, and the end is now in sight!

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