Hey I'm Zach, So today, using Critich's idea for associative memory. I went to the cupboard 5 times pulled out my phone and did a little dance. This is to help get me in the habit of calorie counting.

Oh and i told a few people about this but i'll share this too. I have always hated fashion with a passion (i did not mean the rhyme). I found out what i actually hate is "mainstream fashion." For those at the fashion session watching luke's part of the presentation left me with a "well crap i have to look like that in order to be "fashionable" " feeling, it was a dreadful feeling. Reflecting on it and talking to Rick more i found out that i actually like more around what Colin was wearing.

Hey, Zach. I share your "hate" (although, it's not really a very strong emotion for me) for mainstream fashion. I think if your lifestyle allows you to avoid that, then you certainly can. (I work in the game industry, so I'm free to wear almost anything.) Do look into alternative fashion. Look at things you like. Check out interesting websites like etsy for items that are pretty awesome and might give you interesting ideas.
Look at different subcultures and steal from them.

Group rationality diary, 5/14/12

by cata 1 min read15th May 201247 comments


Background:  I and many other attendees at the CFAR rationality minicamp last weekend learned a lot about applied rationality, and made big personal lists of things we wanted to try out in our everyday lives.  I think that a regular (weekly or maybe semi-weekly) post where people mention any new interesting habits, decisions, and actions they have taken recently would be cool as a supplement to this; it ought to be rewarding for people to be able to write a list of the cool things they did, and I expect it'll also be interesting for other people to peek in and see the sorts of goals and self-modifications people are working on.  Others at minicamp seemed enthusiastic about the idea, so I hope it takes off.  Feel free to meta-discuss whether this is a good idea or if it can be done better.

Addendum 5/15: By the way, non-minicamp people should feel free to post too!  I am highly certain that minicamp attendees are not the only ones working on interesting things in their lives.

This is the public group instrumental rationality diary for the week of May 14th.  It's a place to record and chat about it if you have done, or are actively doing, things like:

  • Established a useful new habit
  • Obtained new evidence that made you change your mind about some belief
  • Decided to behave in a different way in some set of situations
  • Optimized some part of a common routine or cached behavior
  • Consciously changed your emotions or affect with respect to something
  • Consciously pursued new valuable information about something that could make a big difference in your life
  • Learned something new about your beliefs, behavior, or life that surprised you
  • Tried doing any of the above and failed

Or anything else interesting which you want to share, so that other people can think about it, and perhaps be inspired to take action themselves.  Try to include enough details so that everyone can use each other's experiences to learn about what tends to work out, and what doesn't tend to work out.

Discussion's likely to continue gradually through the week, so try to remember to check back now and then!