Re: your last question: yes.

(a) It is very difficult to perceive qualitative differences for people 1 sigma+ above "you" (for any value of "you"), but it is enormous.

(b) How much "science process" does this community actually understand? How many are practicing scientists, as in publish real stuff in journals?

The outside view worry is there might be a bit of a "twenty something knowitall" going on. You read some stuff, and liked it. That's great! If the stuff isn't universally adopted by very smart folks, there are probably very good reasons for that! Read more!

My argument boils down to: "no, really, very smart people are actually very smart."

The median IQ at LessWrong is 139, the average Nobel laureate is reputed to have an IQ of 145. Presumably that means many people at LessWrong are in a position to understand the reasoning of Nobel laureates, at least.

Open thread, Dec. 21 - Dec. 27, 2015

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