Thoughts this week, part 2

Sweat equity marketplaces

Anyone know why online sweat equity marketplaces never took off? Their website is basically non-functional. I can see the potential for sweat-equity marketplace focusing on a surprising number of fields - say cash strapped writers looking for an editor for instance.

Nuremburg principles

I was just following norms

-Normies the Normenberg trails for norm crimes

Love and subjective well-being

Love has too complex a relationship with happiness for me to want to try to make rational decisions in relation to (sentence structure pls)

Health prioritization

Suicide remains the leading cause of death for men aged 14 to 44, and 80% of all suicides in Australia are men.

Wow. Did not expect that.

I read it in an article about stigma of mental health in entrepreneurs. To try and find the original source, I googled the statistic and found this lovely designed page, an advertisement

This led me to this lovely project which led me to this initiative which I forsee financial analysts using to make stock market predictions based on people's sentiment!

The article says:

One potential stumbling point for WebEquity, which TechNation writer Kim Heras picks up on, is the apparent lack of support in working out team agreements. For now, Middleton intends to leave the specifics of equity distribution deals and IP rights to the collaborators on each project to figure out themselves.

No existing term sheets seems to be a huge barrier for getting the project adopted.

say cash strapped writers looking for an editor for instance.

The traditional model is that there are publishing houses that have expertise in j... (read more)

0Vaniver5yWhy would an editor want to do work whose compensation is very risky (maybe you're editing the next Harry Potter, but >80% of the time it's going to lose money) instead of work whose compensation is certain? This is compounded by adverse selection: the better my thing is, the less willing I will be to sell equity, and so the equity markets will be mostly flooded with garbage.

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