You could just have a two-dishwasher system where the dishwasher takes the place of the cupboard.

It seems like a robot that automated the task of moving clean dishes into a cupboard would be an idea where the potential benefits, if any, are too small to currently justify the major development effort that would be required. Maybe in the future when AI becomes far more widespread and 'easy' to develop.

I think that there are people who don't like to deal with washing dishes even through they have a dishwasher. I don't think the task is trival in a sense that people wouldn't be willing to invest money into a device that fixes the issue.

Apart from that a redesigned device that builds on smart sensors and nanotech filters could also operate with a lot less water.

GE's design of a kitchen of the future with a smart sink that can automatically wash dishes is also interesting.

If I look into my kitchen the most recent invention is the microwave.

A few health co... (read more)

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