the only real challenge is creating a system for triaging a user's needs into which particular algorithmic application.

Yes, but the full solution to this is basically AI-complete.

There may be some money to be made here as the ubiquity of data rises and you find loyal, computer illiterate clients. However, you'll be picking up scraps the same way that web design as a profitable avenue for freelancing oddballs to make money worked and continues to work - by essentially ripping people off who don't know better, when absurdly user friendly DIY web design options are a reality or the guy down the road is a million times better than you, your client just doesn't know better. Sure, it may be profitable, but ethically it's questionable.

Do you feel the same way about all within-firm IT services? (Including stuff like internal web design in 'IT.')

Open thread, Dec. 21 - Dec. 27, 2015

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