The solitude of prime numbers by Paolo Giordano. Interesting, unusual in its attitude to many things it contains, frightening when you think about solutions that the characters don't even take into consideration. I was hesitating over recommending it, but then I had A Sign From Above.

I work in a bookshop, and one of the perks is that I can borrow books like in a library. This one I liked, but was of two minds whether I should buy it, because one has to stop somewhere. So I asked my husband.

The first day he said it was cool.

The second day he said it was great.

The third day he said we were buying it.

'Why?' - 'I had A Sign From Above.' - '...' - 'I was reading it on the tube, and a drop of dirty water fell onto the page...'

Are you sure the Sign From Above meant "buy this book" and not "fix your damn leaky tube"? :-D

December 2016 Media Thread

by ArisKatsaris 1 min read1st Dec 201623 comments


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