If they're jell-coated or sustained-release (the kind that's made up of a bunch of tiny little balls in an outer capsule), you probably shouldn't take them - between the water and the alcohol, there's a reasonable chance you've interfered with the delivery mechanism and could end up getting a nasty overdose.

Even if they're not, it's probably a good idea to call your pharmacy, explain that you got the pills wet and then dipped them in alcohol (and, uh, good luck finding a story that sounds sane and doesn't mention the toilet, there - maybe they fell into th... (read more)

They are timed-release, but the mechanism extends throughout the pill, so I'm pretty sure they're okay at least dose-wise. Good idea on calling the pharmacy, though; I know I'll be able to get them at least a couple days early... I was just unsure about a whole week.

Literally lol'd at the sane story bit - "I dropped my pills in a sick person's glass, then dipped them in alcohol; are they still okay?!"

5NancyLebovitz9yIf he's taking a half tablet per day, there's probably nothing to worry about with the delivery mechanism.

Is it okay to take toilet-pills? / Rationality vs. the disgust factor

by Hul-Gil 1 min read25th Jul 201138 comments


Well, I've a chance to prove my commitment to cold, hard rationality, unswayed by emotional concerns... I'm just not sure which route really is the more rational (assuming a desire to stay healthy).

In doubt as to the most logical course of action, I thought I'd get some LessWrongian input. To back up a bit and explain: I opened a pill bottle and was shaking one out into my hand, and since I'm a klutz the upshot was three pills in the (thankfully flushed) toilet. I fished them out, because these are three out of my last four pills; I take half a tablet a day, and don't get a refill until a week from now.

Now they're sitting on a dish in front of me, soaking for a few minutes in 91% isopropyl alcohol. Does LessWrong think they'll be okay to take? The alcohol should kill most germs, but I know it doesn't get all of them. What about viruses? Should I attempt to scrub the tablets to remove them? I've also always enjoyed informing my friends about various surfaces with more germs than toilet water (keyboard, phone), but that doesn't mean toilet water isn't horrifically toxic...


You decide. I promise to abide by the collective decision of LessWrong in this matter: should I take the toilet pills?