Pause at 6:59 for a prediction (I'm afraid I don't know how to prove I really did pause at 6:59, unless the prediction is wrong):

Ur pbirerq uvzfrys va cncre znpur naq cebwrpgrq na vzntr bhgfvqr qhevat gur "svyzvat gur ynfg ovg".

Edit: Oh, I was wrong. Drat.

I guessed the same thing.

[Video] AI Box Experiment on BBC's "Look Around You"

by ata 1 min read10th Mar 20116 comments


I recently discovered that "Look Around You", a BBC TWO educational science-themed series from the 1980s1, had on its "Computers" episode a live-action AI Box Experiment, in which Bournemouth, what was at the time Britain's most advanced computer, was assigned to physically escape from a steel cage. For your convenience, I've excerpted the relevant clips from the episode. Watch and see how it turns out!


1 Note: The above description is a lie.