You may want to change the title to "Analytic Philosophy" or "Contemporary Philosophy" since Modern Philosophy usually refers to something far removed from anything related to "Good and Real" by Drescher.

And that's exactly the sort of advice I'm looking for. I'm at such a low level, I don't even know what the proper name is for the thing I want to study! I've changed the title to "Contemporary philosophy". I think that's better reflects the sort of things I wish to learn more about.

Curriculum suggestions for someone looking to teach themselves contemporary philosophy

by quanticle 1 min read31st May 201316 comments


Hello LessWrong,

I just (finally) finished Good and Real, by Gary Drescher. It was a very stimulating read, and I'd like to continue learning philosophy on my own. However, I'm running into a bootstrapping problem. I don't know what I don't know, and therefore, I don't know where I should get started. I've tried searching the LessWrong archive to see if anyone has made a post outlining a curriculum for someone looking to teach themselves the fundamentals of modern philosophy and logic, but either my Google-fu is weak or no such post exists. So, what should someone who is looking to reduce the inferential distance between themselves and modern philosophical thought read, and in what order?

Or, do you all think this is a quixotic quest that I should give up on?