Maybe a Smart Car, then. But motorcycles are cheaper, have much cheaper insurance, and don't depreciate in value. And I live on a non-profit salary.


Have you considered a bicycle? I only have a bike and I use it to get around everywhere in the city (not your city). Bikes actually work a lot better than you might expect if you have not tried it.

5David_Gerard8ySmart Cars are not as deadly as motorbikes, but way deadlier than most cars. They don't have crumple zones, relying on the crumple zone of the other car. (That's the manufacturer's actual justification.) So good thing trees have crumple zones, hey. (I don't know their stats off the top of my head; I'm going by having glanced at a crash test report. Crash test reports are great things to read. VicRoads in Victoria had them in the waiting area for licence renewal. I'm so glad I don't need a car in London.) In general: whoever's in the smaller car, comes off a whole lot worse. Driving something the size of a tank is good for you. (Unless it's an SUV, their higher centre of gravity means they roll more.) I dunno. What are the accident stats like on your planned route?

The Singularity Institute is hiring an executive assistant near Berkeley

by Louie 1 min read22nd Jan 201226 comments


The Singularity Institute is hiring an executive assistant for Executive Director Luke Muehlhauser.

Right now his limiter (besides the need for some sleep and recreation) is not (1) cognitive exhaustion after a certain number of hours or (2) akrasia, but instead (3) needing to spend lots of time doing things that don't need to be him: e.g. hunting down the best product for X and buying it, shopping for food, finding names and email addresses for the top 30 researchers in field X, finding motorcycle classes and a motorcycle so he can stop paying so much for cabs when he doesn't have time for public transport, scheduling meetings with dozens of donors and collaborators, finding a good location for activity X, preparing an itinerary and buying plane tickets, and hundreds of other small things. (Some of these are 'life' things, some of these are SI things, but hours are hours.) Luke may also ask his executive assistant to handle certain tasks for other SI staffers.


  • Work directly with some of the central figures of Less Wrong, especially Luke(prog)
  • Work from home most of the time, with a somewhat self-determined schedule
  • Trial period at $15/hr for 20 hrs/week; if all goes well then get hired full-time at SI's standard starting salary of $3k/month


  • Represent our organization in a professional manner at all times
  • Manage scheduling and appointments for Luke
  • Prepare and manage correspondence professionally and accurately
  • Coordinate travel arrangements for Luke
  • Online and local shopping and transport
  • Internet research
  • Whatever else Luke needs done

Job requirements:

  • Good interpersonal skills and strong team-player attitude
  • Capable of clean, professional written communication with proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Positive, friendly and helpful attitude
  • Ability to handle sensitive and/or confidential material and information
  • Must pay strong attention to detail
  • Professional demeanor, dedicated and reliable, conscientious
  • Computer & internet literate
  • Own a car
  • Live in or near Berkeley, CA

Bonus points if you...

  • ...have read the Core Sequences
  • ...have experience as a personal or executive assistant
  • ...have even better creative non-fiction writing skills than is required for professional correspondance
  • ...are handy with Google Scholar
  • ...know a good amount of math, statistics, computer science, or cognitive science
  • ...have some skills in graphic design / presentation design
How to apply:
Send an email to with the subject line "Executive Assistant Position". Include your cover letter as plain text in the email body, and attach your résumé in PDF format.