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(People also don't have a model of human psychology such that they realize it might be impossible for me to use motivational tactics like this, or they find it game theoretically advantageous to endorse a rule whereby even people who cannot make such concessions are to be punished for not making them anyway. Except it's hard for humans to be reflective about that kind of thing.)

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Perhaps I should have said "socially acceptable response" rather than "correct response."

...Yes, I definitely should have said that.

Resources for quantum decision theory research

by Will_Newsome 1 min read14th Sep 201112 comments


(pdf) ber=5391327

I wrote out some paragraphs about how these are very incomplete and unordered but useful and blabla bla disclaimers and trading quantum information between superintelligences that'd seemingly been lost to the environment and trading between quantum branches and bla bla and how cosmological natural selection is relevant but Less Wrong ate it and I can't convince myself to rewrite it. So, here. My not-passive-agressive apologies for being schizotypal. The marginal cost of my efforts is probably higher than your model suggests, but I realize that nonetheless I'm promoting suboptimal norms for what does or doesn't get to count as a well-intentioned effort at communication. I accept all downvotes as justified.