Thoughts on addiction? Disease? Rationally.

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I am an addict. The best book I have ever read on the subject is Memoirs of an Addicted Brain: A Neuroscientist Examines His Former Life on Drugs - By Marc David Lewis. I bring this up because I for one have made an ass of myself on this forum more than once starting out only logging in intoxicated. And am now but not to the point I was earlier. But... have a question. Is addiction a disease? Or does it effect rationalism? Or can it enhance it? Perhaps you have heard the saying only say sober what you would say drunk. I do not consider addicted a disease as an alcoholic as my drug of choice because I cannot imagine walking into a cancer ward and saying "Me too guys". People quit their addictions every day, but nobody just decides to quit cancer for instance. There are times with grey areas like Diabetes. Which starts out as a choice then becomes a real disease. Some would say its semantics. My question is this - is addiction effecting rationality? Or can it perpetuate it maybe in ways others might not understand? Would certain people not have figured out certain things without being addicted to an idea? Is an idea an addiction? This is hard for me to put into words................... if you follow comment.

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Is addiction a disease?

This is disputing definitions. The proper questions are how the addiction works, and what are its impacts on your life. Those are the important things. Whether than fits under textbook definition of disease, who cares? (Well, the healthcare establishment may care, and you may care indirectly, if it e.g. allows you to apply for disability benefits, etc.)

Or does it effect rationalism?

Does it help you think more clearly? Does it help you achieve your goals?