I don't like meetup posts getting in the way of actually interesting content.

I don't like the heavily blog inspired structure - I want something more like a book of core ideas, and perhaps a separate forum for discussing them and extending the core. At the moment it's very hard to "work your way in".

It would be nice to know more about other users rather than just their karma.

Content seems quite light and of low value at the moment. I may well be contributing to this.

I don't like the overlap between SIAI and LW. I'd like a clearer distinction betw... (read more)

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Content seems quite light and of low value at the moment.

It's good to hear a relatively new user say this. Just because it makes me feel less like the old guy reminiscing about the (selectively remembered) glory days and complaining about 'kids these days'. ;)

0wedrifid9yThe 'sequences' link seems to cover this. The difficulty seems to be that reading the book-like format is not nearly as easy to motivate oneself to do. In the last week I have gone through and converted all of the hundreds of core Eliezer posts into audio format and have them running nearly constantly on my ipod for the purpose of revision. It's going to take days to get through them all even at that constant rate of consumption! I highly recommend this as a way to 'work your way in'. It is not quite the same as reading all of the text but the cost is far, far lower. PS: For obvious reasons I just had to upvote your other comment [http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/5ro/what_bothers_you_about_less_wrong/47ju] !
4wedrifid9yI don't share that preference but it seems solvable in 2 seconds. The time it takes to type "cntrl-T rss to email". http://www.feedmyinbox.com/ [http://www.feedmyinbox.com/]. Defining and implementing a 'valuable' metric could be slightly more difficult. An RSS feed for any comments that reach +5 could be worth implementing!

What bothers you about Less Wrong?

by Will_Newsome 1 min read19th May 2011162 comments


Or, what do you want to see more or less of from Less Wrong?

I'm thinking about community norms, content and topics discussed, karma voting patterns, et cetera. There are already posts and comment sections filled with long lists of proposed technical software changes/additions, let's not make this post another one. 

My impression is that people sometimes make discussion posts about things that bother them, and sometimes a bunch of people will agree and sometimes a bunch of people will disagree, but most people don't care that much (or they have a life or something) and thus don't want to dedicate a post just to complaining. This post is meant to make it socially and cognitively easy to offer critique.

I humbly request that you list downsides of existing policies even when you think the upsides outweigh them, for all the obvious reasons. I also humbly request that you list a critique/gripe even if you don't want to bother explaining why you have that critique/gripe, and even in cases where you think your gripe is, ahem, "irrational". In general, I think it'd be really cool if we erred on the side of listing things which might be problems even if there's no obvious solution or no real cause for complaint except for personal distaste for the color green (for example).

I arrogantly request that we try to avoid impulsive downvoting and non-niceness for the duration of this post (and others like it). If someone wants to complain that Less Wrong is a little cultish without explaining why then downvoting them to oblivion, while admittedly kind of funny, is probably a bad idea. :)