Well it's a fairly specific type of breaking down, to be accusing other people. There's other ways of breaking down, you know.

Yes, signing a confession would be another typical one. In that case she would have it even worse.

Her being psychopathic would have likely lead to other facts that a well funded persecution could uncover.

I think it'd be quite strange to claim that confessions don't ever correlate with guilt.

By the way what she did was she claimed she was at the scene of the crime covering her ears as Lumumba murdered Kercher (and no she didn't call the 112 about it or anything). If she as she says was coerced into making such a statement, yeah, that's not evidence of guilt. But if it is as police says it is, do you still think it's not evidence of guilt?

Picture an alternative universe. Bob, an exchange student from Australia, is being questioned as a witness. There's a mi... (read more)

[LINK] Amanda Knox exonerated

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Here are the New York Times, CNN, and NBC. Here is Wikipedia for background.

The case has made several appearances on LessWrong; examples include: