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A LessWrong poster for the Humanity+ conference next Saturday

by Paul Crowley 1 min read14th Apr 201027 comments


An email from David Wood, organiser of the Humanity+ UK 2010 conference in London on Saturday 2010-04-24:

One of the rooms in Conway Hall on Sat 24th April will be set aside for posters and general socialising.

The posters are opportunities for people to publicise various activities or ideas. We've received half a dozen applications for posters so far, and we have room for one or two more.

We expect that many of the attendees will mingle in this room at lunchtime, during the afternoon break, and (for early birds) before the formal start of activities in the main hall at 9.45am.

Would one of you be interested in creating and displaying a poster about Less Wrong / Overcoming Bias?

Many of the attendees to the H+UK event will have little prior knowledge about Less Wrong, so it's a good chance to reach out to potential new supporters.

Posters can be a number of sheets of paper, stuck onto the wall with bluetack or sellotape. Maximise size in total allowed per poster is A0. Several of the posters will be A1, made up of 4 A3 sheets.

If you are interested in this, please let me know, since we have to control overall numbers of posters.

To be clear, there's no charge for this - consider it as an opportunity for free advertising :-) You're also welcome to bring small pieces of printed literature for interested people to take away.

I plan to make such a poster, and I'd like the advice of people here. Trying to represent what Less Wrong is about in the space of a poster could be challenging. I have maximum space equivalent to sixteen A4 pieces of paper. In the spirit of not proposing a solution until you've had a chance to think about the problem, I'll put my current plans into a comment.

Update: looks like it will be Roko rather than me making the poster, but the same applies, your ideas could doubtless be very useful!