yo dawg we heard you like hyperbolic time chambers


I think the characters in Primer may have done something like this, getting around a limitation of their time machine by putting a second time machine inside of the first. Then again, the movie isn't always clear as to what's happening, so it's hard to tell...

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Dragon Ball's Hyperbolic Time Chamber

by gwern 7y2nd Sep 20121 min read65 comments


A time dilation tool from an anime is discussed for its practical use on Earth; there seem surprisingly few uses and none that will change the world, due to the severe penalties humans would incur while using it, and basic constraints like Amdahl's law limit the scientific uses. A comparison with the position of an Artificial Intelligence such as an emulated human brain seems fair, except most of the time dilation disadvantages do not apply or can be ameliorated and hence any speedups could be quite effectively exploited. I suggest that skeptics of the idea that speedups give advantages are implicitly working off the crippled time dilation tool and not making allowance for the disanalogies.

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