"Emotions Revealed" has a test in the back and is recommends to read along with doing the training (I am currently reading it)

Ekman Training - Reviews and/or Testing

by Benquo 1 min read19th Jun 20128 comments


I'm considering taking Ekman's microexpressions training because it's cheap in both time and money. Has anyone here taken it? Did it work for you? How do you know?


The course does seem to come with tests included (both before and after), but if anyone has any ideas for some cheap tests I can do before and after to see if it really works, I'd be happy to do those as well, and report the results. Cheap tests should cost me less than three hours total and less than $100 total.


Alternately, if enough people here have done it we could pool our "before" and "after" scores to independently verify whether there's an effect.