Exercise in dissolving

Gur pbeerpg (naq fgnoyr) nafjre vf mreb creprag, juvpu vf pbeerpg, orpnhfr mreb creprag vf abg ninvynoyr nf na nafjre :C

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I came up with this answer, too. Also, this post really made my morning.

0MichaelHoward7yNer lbh ernyyl mreb creprag fher gung'f pbeerpg? Pbhyq lbh fcraq rgreavgl tvivat nafjref jvgu gur fnzr zrgn-pbagenqvpgbel pbasvqrapr naq abg or evtug rira bapr?
0[anonymous]7yAre you really 0% sure you're right? Could you spend eternity giving meta-answers of a similar certainty and not be correct even once?

Exercise in dissolving

by Eneasz 1 min read14th Mar 201335 comments


A fun little exercise in dissolving a problem. Relatively quick, but it can wake you up on a slow day.