This highlights one thing that many polyphasic experiments get wrong. As far as I know (and I should know, having tried repeatedly to get through adaptation for 6 months, then stopped when I got bad flu) polyphasic makes everybody very sleep-deprived for the first week, and usually also for the second week. Only after that do you start getting used to it. It will take even longer to adapt the more you break the polyphasic routine.

Not that I'm recommending polyphasic. Humans have been fine-tuned by evolution for biphasic and monophasic.

Less Wrong DC Experimental Society

by atucker 1 min read13th Jun 201110 comments


During our latest meetup, the DC Less Wrong group has decided that we are interested in experimentally testing various lifehacks on ourselves (on an opt-in volunteer basis of course).

We need two things:

  • Metrics (to actually tell if there's a difference or not, rather than convince ourselves that there is)
  • Things to test

Do any other groups have any measurements that they take to track their various attributes? Anything that they'd be interested in testing?