"Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from SCIENCE!"

~Girl Genius

Two more:

ZEETHA: hmf. She sounds like an idiot.
GIL: Well, yes. But she was never a malicious one.
ZEETHA: Is that important?
GIL: Heavens, yes! If I let everyone I thought was an idiot die---there wouldn't be many people left.
---Girl Genius

TARVEK: (to clank:) Stop! I am prince Tarvek of the House of Sturmvoraus. I am the direct descendant of Andronicus Avlois and heir to the Lightning Throne. I am the Storm King---and you were created to serve me!
(Clank throws Tarvek backwards; sound effect: "POW!")
MOLOCH: Um---that never works, you know.

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7JoshuaZ10yYes, but in context this doesn't quite mean what it sounds like. In Girl Genius, "Science" is almost a password for any weird things built by sparks, rather than what a rationalist would call science.
16DSimon10yYoung Agatha Clay: But how can they protect me if they aren't here? That's illogical. Uncle Barry: Um...It's science. Young Agatha Clay: Ah. You mean you'll explain when I have a sufficiently advanced educational background.

Rationality quotes: August 2010

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