What do we know of the second Hat-and-Cloak:

  • doesn't know Hermione well
  • clever, but not too clever (it takes him a LOT of time)

=> not Quirrell or Snape

  • has some motive, probably foreshadowed (EY is a good writer)
  • was recognized by Hermione

=> not anyone unknown

  • has no morals (mindrape)
  • knows that Severus Snape is a Death Eater
  • says he knows the true reason for the coldness in Harry Potter's eyes
  • and says he's frightened of it
  • and says he knows HP is dangerous to Hermione
  • says: "Lucius Malfoy has taken notice of you, Hermione..."

=> He's Yhpvhf Znysbl!

One thing contrary: He says he knows the true nature of Professor Quirrell's mysterious illness. This doesn't fit...

After listening to the podcast of chapter 35 I was sure that H&C was Quirrell. H&C told Zabini the slander about Dumbledor to tell Quirrell, and Quirrel knew that Zabini would slander Dumbledor when he talked to him. If Quirrell is not(or is not controlling) H&C then he would have had to find out the details of H&C's plot. Presumably there would have only been a single, surprised in the hallway, meeting between H&C and Zabini. The only options I see for Quirrell finding out about it is:

  1. Quirrell somehow knew the time and place that H&a
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0pedanterrific8ycough, cough [http://lesswrong.com/r/discussion/lw/7jd/harry_potter_and_the_methods_of_rationality/4tby]
2prasannak8yAssume Quirrell is not able to model 'good' people well -> we know he is not all powerful, and this is certainly where he is weak - witness conv with Harry on 'give a finger of my wand hand', 'does it really matter what your friends think', etc. And each iteration with Hermione could have brought a different reason from Hermione, which was then subverted - we only saw one arc. Also H&C wanted Hermione as a willing participant, not as an NPC, much harder than simply memory charming her. It's very unlikely EY has used two different H&C, and there was the 'wards keyed in' statement of both H&C & Quirrell earlier. Will need much stronger evidence to say Quirrell is not H&C.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 9

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