There's a very subtle bit that I just realized that's worth mentioning as a possibility. Rot13 for spoilers:

Va puncgre 46, Uneel yvfgf uvf boivbhf jnlf bs uvqvat na bowrpg. Gur pbagrkg gurer urnivyl vzcyvrf gung uvf yvfg vf n fhofrg bs Ibyqrzbeg'f npghny ubepehk yvfg. Va gung yvfg Uneel fnlf

Be vqrnyyl lbh jbhyq ynhapu vg vagb fcnpr, jvgu n pybnx ntnvafg qrgrpgvba, naq n enaqbzyl syhpghngvat nppryrengvba snpgbe gung jbhyq gnxr vg bhg bs gur Fbyne Flfgrz. Naq nsgrejneq, bs pbhefr, lbh'q Boyvivngr lbhefrys, fb rira lbh qvqa'g xabj rknpgyl jurer vg jnf.

Fvapr jr nyernql xabj gung Ibyqrzbeg ubepehkrq gur cvbarre cyndhr guvf ynfg ovg nobhg n enaqbzyl syhpghngvat nppryrengvba irpgbe fbhaqf n ybg yvxr vg vf na rkcynangvba sbe gur cvbarre nabzny

If this is correct then that's a really clever and subtle touch.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 9

by Oscar_Cunningham 1 min read9th Sep 2011725 comments


(The HPMOR discussion thread after this one is here.)

The previous thread is over the 500-comment threshold, so let's start a new Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread.  This is the place to discuss Eliezer Yudkowsky's Harry Potter fanfic and anything related to it. The latest chapter as of 09/09/2011 is Ch. 77.

The first 5 discussion threads are on the main page under the harry_potter tag.  Threads 6 and on (including this one) are in the discussion section using its separate tag system.  Also: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.  The author page is the central location for information about updates and links to HPMOR-related goodies, and AdeleneDawner has kept an archive of Author's Notes.

As a reminder, it's often useful to start your comment by indicating which chapter you are commenting on.

Spoiler Warning:  this thread is full of spoilers.  With few exceptions, spoilers for MOR and canon are fair game to post, without warning or rot13.  More specifically:

You do not need to rot13 anything about HP:MoR or the original Harry Potter series unless you are posting insider information from Eliezer Yudkowsky which is not supposed to be publicly available (which includes public statements by Eliezer that have been retracted).

If there is evidence for X in MOR and/or canon then it's fine to post about X without rot13, even if you also have heard privately from Eliezer that X is true. But you should not post that "Eliezer said X is true" unless you use rot13.