Explicit reasoning has a its disadvantages, but is still hard to do without.

That's why you mix it with implicit reasoning if you care about the outcome of the reasoning process. Doing everything implict is as bad as doing everything explicit.

I would have thought the problem with doing everything explicitly is that it is not possible.

Our usual way of combining explicit about and implicit reasoning is to reason explicitly from premises which we find intuitively appealing, ie which we arrive at by implicit reasoning. That isn't a solution to the problem, that is the problem: everything is founded on presuppositions, and if they are implicit we can't check how they are arrived at, and we also can't check how reliable they are without needing to use further presuppositions.

Korzybski seems to be saying we should be using more implicit reasoning. I don't s how that helps.

Open thread, Jul. 25 - Jul. 31, 2016

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