Yes, if you can't solve the presupposition problem, the main alternative is to carry on as before, at the object level, but with less confidence at the meta level. But who is failing to take that advice? As far as I can see, it is Yudkowsky. He makes no claim to have solved the problem of unfounded foundations, but continues putting very high probabilities on ideas he likes, and vehemently denying ones he doesn't.

To say you "should" be moral is tautological. It's just saying you "should" do what you "should" do.

Ok. You sh... (read more)

Well, in the normal course of life, on the object level, some things are more probable than others.

If you push me about if I REALLY know they're true, then I admit that my reasoning and data could be confounded by a Matrix or whatever.

Maybe it's clearer like so:

Colloquially, I know how to judge relative probabilities.

Philosophically (strictly), I don't know the probability that any of my conclusions are true (because they rest on concepts I don't pretend to know are true).

About the moral values thing, it sounds kinda like you haven't read the sequence on m... (read more)

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