How does that address the Presumption problem? You could say that no statement made by anybody has any bearing on reality, so the presumptions they are based on don't matter...but if that kind of sweeping anti-realism were a good solution , it would have been adopted along ago.

I don't think General Semantics is anti-realism anymore than Einsteins Relativity theory is anti-realism because it states that a lot is relative. I think General Semantics hasn't been adopted because it's actually hard to learn to switch to thinking in terms of General Semantics.

Academic Science in the 20st century worked to compartamentalize knowledge by subjects in a quite specific way and a discipline like General Semantics didn't fit in that compartamentatilization. It's similar to how Cybernetics as a field didn't make it big because it doesn't fit into the common categorisation.

Open thread, Jul. 25 - Jul. 31, 2016

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