Okay, I don't know why everyone is making this so complicated.

In theory, nothing is presupposed. We aren't certain of anything and never will be.

In practice, if induction works for you (it will) then use it! Once it's just a question of practicality, try anything you like, and use what works.

It won't let you be certain, but it'll let you move with power within the world.

As for values, morals, your question suggests you might be interested in A Thousand Shards of Desire in the sequences. We value what we do, with lots of similarities to each other, because ... (read more)

Having an official doctrine that nothing is certain is not a all the same as having no presuppositions. To have a presupposition is to treat something as true (including using it methodologically) without being able to prove it. In the absence of any p=1 data, it makes sense to use your highest probability uncertain beliefs presuppositionally. It's absence of foundations (combined with a willingness to employ it, nonetheless ) that makes something presuppositional, not presence of certainty.

Treating something as true non-methodologically means making infe... (read more)

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