If you don't mind more questions... Which feed reader? Also do you look mostly for activity? Do you know of places with good quality/noise ratios, even if they are not very active?

I use Inoreader which is paid and web-based, but has browser plugins. I wouldn't say I "mostly" look for activity, since time is limited. The Open Thread on slatestarcodex.com is extremely active, I think it gets about 200 comments per day, but I don't frequently browse it. Slate Star Codex and Less Wrong are the only actual "communities" in my feed reader. The others that are directly or tangentially related are blogs, and most blogs don't really engender that much discussion.

How often do you check this forum?

by JenniferRM 1 min read30th Jan 201763 comments


I'm interested from hearing from everyone who reads this.

Who is checking LW's Discussion area and how often?

1. When you check, how much voting or commenting do you do compared to reading?

2. Do bother clicking through to links?

3. Do you check using a desktop or a smart phone?  Do you just visit the website in browser or use an RSS something-or-other?

4. Also, do you know of other places that have more schellingness for the topics you think this place is centered on? (Or used to be centered on?) (Or should be centered on?)

I would ask this in the current open thread except that structurally it seems like it needs to be more prominent than that in order to do its job.

If you have very very little time to respond or even think about the questions, I'd appreciate it if you just respond with "Ping" rather than click away.