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I believe so for reasons you wouldn't find compelling, because the gods apparently do not want there to be common knowledge of their existence, and thus do not interact with humans in a manner that provides communicable evidence. (Yes, this is exactly what a world without gods would look like to an impartial observer without firsthand incommunicable evidence. This is obviously important but it is also completely obvious so I wish people didn't harp on it so much.) People without firsthand experience live in a world that is ambiguous as to the existence or ... (read more)

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Incommunicable in the anthropic sense of formally losing its evidence-value when transferred between people, in the broader sense of being encoded in memories that that can't be regenerated in a trustworthy way, or in the mundane sense of feeling like evidence but lacking a plausible reduction to Bayes? And - do you think you have incommunicable evidence? (I just noticed that your last few comments dance around that without actually saying it.)

(I am capable of handling information with Special Properties but only privately and only after a multi-step narrowing down.)

2Leonhart6yCould a future neuroscience in principle change this, or do you have a stronger notion of incommunicability?
3gjm6yYou are arguing, if I understand you aright, (1) that the gods don't want their existence to be widely known but (2) that encounters with the gods, dramatic enough to demand extraordinary explanations if they aren't real, are commonplace. This seems like a curious combination of claims. Could you say a little about why you don't find their conjunction wildly implausible? (Or, if the real problem is that I've badly misunderstood you, correct my misunderstanding?)

AALWA: Ask any LessWronger anything

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