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How useful would it be to have high quality audio recordings of rationality writings?

by tragedyofthecomments1 min read17th Oct 20207 comments


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Some options:

  • Rationality: AI to Zombies
  • Slatestarcodex Posts
  • A re-recording of HPMOR


What else would be good? How much do people want this?

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3 Answers

Castify was a crowd-funded project that recorded "Rationality: From AI to Zombies" among other things. They closed in 2016, but I made a backup as they suggested. But I don't think the audiobook ended up being hosted on intelligence.org as they announced...

"To all Castify customers old and new,

It's been a fun project but it's time to bring Castify to a close.  This means all podcast feeds and audiobook files will cease to be available for download at the end of September.  

IMPORTANT: If you need to download a fresh copy of your purchases please follow the instructions below before October 1st.  


If you’re from Less Wrong please note that the audiobook for Rationality: from AI to Zombies will be available through Intelligence.org in the near future (maybe by the end of the year). 

Thanks for being a part of Castify, we really appreciate it. 


Team Castify"

Was the quality not up to par? If the reading / recording was good, it's surprising that it's not up on intelligence.org

4mingyuan1yIt is there! See https://intelligence.org/rationality-ai-zombies/, [https://intelligence.org/rationality-ai-zombies/,] scroll to the bottom and click "R:AZ Audio Book" '> Links and Details'.

There is a slatestarcodex podacst which I am a big fan of: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/slate-star-codex-podcast/id1295289140
I would love more audio recordings; the audiobook of HPMOR is how I got into rationality in the first place, and not having to be sitting at my computer or on my phone to consume the content.

Oh cool, I didn't know about this / or had forgotten about it! I will add this to my podcast feed now. :)

I would be very excited about this. I'm constantly looking for more high quality (both from a content-level and sound-level) audio content. Good readers really go a long way towards creating a pleasant listening experience, so I also would be excited about people skilling up in this area within our community.

My guess is that most lesswrong members don't listen to much audio content, but that a substantial minority listen to a lot of audio content. I expect for this group, more audio content would be quite high value. I also expect the majority group to underrate the importance of this if they haven't spoken with many people in the smaller audio-listening category.