Accelerating the capitalistic tendencies of social systems to do good

by notjaelkoh 1mo18th Sep 20195 comments


I've been thinking a lot about exploiting the capitalistic tendencies of most social systems to solve difficult social issues on a theoretical level. (not very well, unfortunately).

I think most ideas usually prescribe more/less/same amount of something and that instead of fighting the capitalistic tendency to produce more and more by calling for less and less, we should push for more and more, collapse the existing system (and future systems like it) and instead force a better, more equitable system to form. How to push without plain causing harm/destroying the entire system/in a realistic manner is the difficult bits.

In education, you could push for more tuition/drugs until the filtering grading mechanism fails and you have to build a more pragmatic vocational system

In charities, you could push for more corrupt charities or devise ways to secretly launder money while still appearing generous (hell, it's probably already invented)

In microfinance, you could push for harsher and more exploitative yet just so legal contracts with about to die kids to create a competitive free market of loans for poor people? (think Venture Capital but for poor people)

Hopefully, somebody has already thought about this and can point me to some resources regarding this idea. Or somebody can just refute this "sucidal" idea by offering criticism.