Demis Hassabis mentioned StarCraft as something they might want to do next. Video.

After Go, what games should be next for DeepMind?

by InquilineKea 1 min read10th Mar 201673 comments


So chess and Go are both games of perfect information. How important is it for the next game that DeepMind is trained on to be a game of perfect information?

How would the AI perform on generalized versions of both chess and Go? What about games like poker and Magic the Gathering?

How realistic do you think it's possible to train DeepMind on games of perfect information (full-map-reveal) against top-ranked players on games like Starcraft, AOE2, Civ, Sins of a Solar Empire, Command and Conquer, and Total War, for example? (in all possible map settings, including ones people don't frequently play at - e.g. start at "high resource" levels). How important is it for the AI to have a diverse set/library of user-created replays to test itself against, for example?

I'm also thinking... Shitty AI has always held back both RTS and TBS games.. Is it possible that we're only a few years away from non-shitty AI in all RTS and TBS games? Or is the AI in many of these games too hard-coded in to actually matter? (e.g. I know some people who develop AI for AOE2, and there are issues with AI behavior in the game being hard-coded in - e.g. villagers deleting the building they're building if you simply attack them).