This is still a benevolent dictatorship.

I hope that answers your question.

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No, it isn't that simple.

All this could have been avoided if you had merely deigned to discuss the wiki post in question with me. I shouldn't have to make a discussion post on LessWrong to get your attention. I believe that we deserve to be treated with respect. Deleting my comments, then refusing to discuss it, then coming here and saying "I am still dictator" without even enunciating any policy for the wiki, and thinking that's the end of it, is not treating us with respect.

If the policy is "Eliezer will do whatever he pleases", I res... (read more)

20matt8yThat is TrikeApps understanding too - we pay for and maintain the servers, but we do so for Eliezer and SIAI, don't consider ourselves to have a moral right to use the practical powers we have, and generally do what Eliezer tells us to do. So a longer form answer that completely agrees with Eliezer's claim above is… We care about what the LW community wants, and if we thought Eliezer was being too much of a dick we could be driven to resign, but if we did that we'd carefully and responsibly hand control back to Eliezer and SIAI first. And he'd have to be a lot more of a dick than he occasionally appears to be. [], but the moral right is SIAI's (in a fairly well documented way). Open Source, forked from the Reddit codebase. See []. TrikeApps and TrikeApps, but for SIAI/Eliezer. There are practical powers TrikeApps hold, but we reserve only the right to withhold our labour, and only that after handing back practical control to Eliezer/SIAI.
7MichaelHoward8yFor readers who, like me, have an immediate Ugh reaction to That Sort Of Thing... Well-Kept Gardens Die By Pacifism [].

Who owns LessWrong?

by PhilGoetz 1 min read29th Sep 201185 comments


The LessWrong wiki contains a biased and offensive entry on group selection.  I edited the wiki page, to append some points representing an opposing view at the end.  Eliezer removed my points, leaving only a link at the end.  He said he thought my points were wrong, but would not say which points he thought were wrong, or why he thought they were wrong.

Is it reasonable for me to restore my changes over Eliezer's edit, since he is unwilling to give reasons for his edit?  What sort of rights or privileges does Eliezer have over LW or LW wiki content?

(Please try not to turn this into a discussion of group selection.)

ADDED:  Please go meta, folks.  I am not trying to argue about this specific Wiki article.  I am not asking for redress.  Specifics about this wiki article are irrelevant.  I am asking whether this is still a benevolent dictatorship.

The relevant questions are not what the appropriate form of debate is, or anything about this wiki article.  The relevant questions are:

  • Who owns the domain?
  • Who created the Wiki?
  • Who owns the code?
  • Who pays for the servers?
  • If someone is in charge, what rights do they reserve for themselves?
  • At what point does the ratio of community contributions to Eliezer's contributions mean we have the right to claim some ownership?

The Wiki main page says, "The wiki about rationality that anyone who is logged in can edit".  Apparently that is a lie.  If I do not have as much right as Eliezer does to write a wiki post, I want that point explicitly spelled out.