In exchange of your knowledge, I think I should add that I know of a website ( ), where you can specify your "interests" from a list, and pressing a button brings you a page on the subject (relatively recent, so that you don't get a false or outdated information).

I have found already many texts of the same quality as here on the pages I read (currently ~50K), and I believe you could greatly benefit from using this website. You should just be cautious about what I call "infected interests" : they sound appealing, like "Psychology" (note : I am not sure Psychology is one of them, just check). But their content is filled with basic or unsupported claims that make the whole "interest" not suitable for learning and often annoying (like you could find "The 10 Most Bizzarre Signs That You're A Psychopath", hence why you would unsubscribe from the interest "Psychology" : because it's just clickbaits). I currently have subscribed to more than 50 interests (math, physics, biology, sociology, archaelogy, nanotechnology... some of them are slight variations, like biotechnology and bio engineering), and I sometimes have trouble counting the amount of different informations of all kinds I have seen in one day.

Wisdom for Smart Teens - my talk at SPARC 2014

by Liron 1 min read9th Feb 201522 comments


I recently had the privilege of a 1-hour speaking slot at SPARC, a yearly two-week camp for top high school math students.

Here's the video: Wisdom for Smart Teens

Instead of picking a single topic, I indulged in a bunch of mini-topics that I feel passionate about:

  1. Original Sight
  2. "Emperor has no clothes" moments
  3. Epistemology is cool
  4. Think quantitatively
  5. Be specific / use examples
  6. Organizations are inefficient
  7. How I use Bayesianism
  8. Be empathizable
  9. Communication
  10. Simplify
  11. Startups
  12. What you want
I think the LW crowd will get a kick out of it.