Reality actually exists and has properties you can determine through study and experimentation.

Sure, agreed.

Conclusions follow from their premises and it’s unreasonable to expect a plurality of truths.

Sure agreed.

Our universe is consistent


your understanding of the pieces should fit together.

Why? This seems like a classic mistake of naive rationalism. Models exist for reasons, and brains have limits. Depending on my use case, It may make sense for me to have a set of heuristics I know don't fit together becasue they're usefu... (read more)

Occam's Guillotine

by Hivewired 1 min read23rd Mar 202011 comments


This essay was co-written with Namespace, you can also read the essay on his blog here.

This post continues our exploration of truth. Here we begin to dig into the important parts of rationality, starting with the concept of Necessity and Necessary Beliefs.