Read the sequences and you'll probably learn to not make the epistemic errors that generate this position, in which case I expect you'll change your mind. I believe it's a bad idea to argue about ideologies on object level, they tend to have too many anti-epistemic defenses to make it efficient or even productive, rather one should learn a load of good thinking skills that would add up to eventually fixing the problem. (On the other hand, the metaethics sequence, which is more directly relevant to your problem, is relatively hard to understand, so success is not guaranteed, and you can benefit from a targeted argument at that point.)

Read the sequences

You know, I was hoping the gentle admonition to casually read a million words had faded away from the local memepool.

Your usage here also happens to serve as an excellent demonstration of the meaning of the phrase as described on RW. I suggest you try not to do that. Pointing people to a particular post or at worst a particular sequence is much more helpful. (I realise it's also more work before you hit "comment", but I suggest that's a feature of such an approach rather than a bug.)

and you'll probably learn to not make the

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Open Thread, April 2011

by ata 1 min read2nd Apr 2011111 comments


It seems we have agreed that open threads will continue but that they will go in the Discussion section, so here's this month's thread.