I just had a startling revelation. I had been glancing now and then at my karma for the last few days and noticed that it was staying mostly constant. Only going up now and then. This is despite a lot of my comments getting a whole bunch of upvotes. So naturally I figured I had offended one or more folks and they were downvoting me steadily to keep it constant. I don't exactly tiptoe around to avoid getting anyone offside and I don't really mind that much if people use karma hits as a way to get their vengeance on. It saves them taking it out via actual comments in the slightly more real social reality.

But I just looked at the bottom of the sidebar and slapped myself. Left aligned text formatting in a limited space is roughly equivalent to taking significant figures (with a floor instead of a round). Oops. Apparently nobody hates me after all, just, well, too many people love me. :P

Open Thread, April 2011

by ata 1 min read2nd Apr 2011111 comments


It seems we have agreed that open threads will continue but that they will go in the Discussion section, so here's this month's thread.