Does anyone else have religiophobia? I get irrationally scared every time I see someone passing out pocket bibles or knocking on doors with pamphlets. I'm afraid of...well, of course there isn't much to be afraid of, or else it wouldn't be a phobia.

I don't get scared when I see people doing this, but I do have an irrational desire to go get into a long useless argument. I'm always too busy to have to fight it, though.

2David_Gerard9yFortunately, we have a defensive weapon [] (PDF) to hand.
3JoshuaZ9yNot really. I only have annoyance that whenever I see such people I'm always too busy to talk to them and find out more about what religion they are. I consider this to be evidence that there is a deity and that that deity treats me sort of how one might treat a cat when one has recently obtained a laser pointer.

Open Thread, April 2011

by ata 1 min read2nd Apr 2011111 comments


It seems we have agreed that open threads will continue but that they will go in the Discussion section, so here's this month's thread.