as opposed to giving the answer someone important in the management (the person who made the decision to hire them) wanted to hear, while providing this person plausible deniability ("it wasn't my idea; it's what the world-renown experts told us to do; are you going to doubt them?")

That's a predominately satirical (sometimes conspiracy theory..). I hope you're using it that way and aren't just ignorant...

You're selling the efficacy of your implementation to firms for making correct decisions. The perception of correct decisions, or potential thereof is important.

Unless you also consider Dilbert to be a conspiracy theorist...

People are often optimizing for their own goals, instead of the goals of the organization they are working for. People are stupid. People are running on a corrupted hardware. Put these three facts together, and you will see organizations where managers sometimes make genuinely bad decisions, and sometimes they make decisions that help them but harm the company; and they will of course deny doing this, and sometimes they are simply lying, but sometimes they honestly believe it.

Often the quality ... (read more)

Open Thread, Dec. 28 - Jan. 3, 2016

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