I remember another person asking whether he can overtake posting the open thread.

consider what kind of community their downvote is promoting.

A community where people don't try to farm karma by overtaking the roles of other people without asking that person beforehand.

A community where several people compete to be the first one to post a regularly occurring thread sounds much more robust to me than a community that relies on just one person (who may become unexpectedly unavailable) to do it.

4passive_fist4yAgain, why does MrMind have that 'role'? I think the fact that you say Clarity is 'farming for karma' - without any evidence for this claim - may give away what the real problem is. Anyway, if the issue is just time zones, I'd be fine with, say, agreeing on UT 00:00 Monday for starting an open thread. Or maybe it would just be simpler to have a bot start the thread.

Open Thread, Dec. 28 - Jan. 3, 2016

by [anonymous] 1 min read27th Dec 2015145 comments


If it's worth saying, but not worth its own post (even in Discussion), then it goes here.

Notes for future OT posters:

1. Please add the 'open_thread' tag.

2. Check if there is an active Open Thread before posting a new one. (Immediately before; refresh the list-of-threads page before posting.)

3. Open Threads should be posted in Discussion, and not Main.

4. Open Threads should start on Monday, and end on Sunday.