Compare to MetaMed, which tried to disrupt medicine by providing superior diagnostics. Medicine is not about healing!

I'd love to hear this expanded on. On the surface this comment pattern matches to the sort of low quality anti-establishment attitude that is common around here, so I'm surprised to see you write it.

MetaMed's Michael Vassar gave a Tedx talk: The legend of healthcare

5Vaniver4yThree main sources. (But first the disclaimer About Isn't About You [] seems relevant--that is, even if medicine is all a sham (which I don't believe), participating in the medical system isn't necessarily a black mark on you personally.) First is Robin Hanson's summary on the literature on health economics. The medicine [] tag on Robin's blog has a lot, but a good place to start is probably Cut Medicine in Half [] and Medicine as Scandal [] followed by Farm and Pet Medicine [] and Dog vs. Cat Medicine []. To summarize it shortly, it looks like medical spending is driven by demand effects (we care so we spend to show we care []) rather than supply effects (medicine is better so we consume more) or efficacy (we don't keep good records of how effective various doctors are). His proposal [] for how to fund medicine shows what he thinks a more sane system would look like. (As 'cut medicine in half' suggests, he doesn't think the average medical spending has a non-positive effect, but that the marginal medical spending does, to a very deep degree.) Second is the efficiency literature on medicine. This is statisticians and efficiency experts and so on trying to apply standard industrial techniques to medicine and getting pushback that looks ludicrous to me. For example, human diagnosticians perform at the level or worse than simple algorithms (I'm talking linear regressions, here, not even neural networks or decision trees or so on), and this has been known in the efficiency literature for well over fifty years. Only

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