Happy new year everyone! How were your plans, progress and problems this year?

My New Years Resolutions

interesting thoughts this week

  • should we be designing political and ecoomic systems where our moral intutions are in fact well-adjusted to expedite the altruism process and automate it? Rather than working at the object level we could could be recruiting...well...deonotologists

*Pacifica is an awesome app for supporting you if you have mental health difficulties, if my mind's any prototype! The smile alarm is great to remind you to smile too!

  • "Could it be that our mind extracts the affect from z number of concepts at a time

And that x concepts by default are filled by the most salient objects physically an mentally to us

And that those concepts are defined by what's socially normative

And when we see things positively we intentionally reconceptualise that which is salient into that

Which has most positive affect for the given mental and physical stimuli

Ie if we see a tree and a sun, bpth have negative an positive that say by default is 0 affect.

If we choose to reconceptualise that same amount of stimuli into sunshine, a provider of warmth,

and nature, as abstractions of the physical it can become positive

If we reconceptualise it is the sun burner and a falling hazard and the dying rainforests we can

find negative affect.

This is the cognitive behavioural semiotics "

  • Some weird thing I wrote down when I felt really depressed the other day.

  • I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes - Author unknown


Last year, I resolved to get in decent shape, find a full-time job, finish my degree, and work on my mental health. 3/4 ain't bad! I'd still like to lose a little bit of weight and gain some muscle, but my dance classes are working on that. I have a steady job that gives me time to work on other goals, and my mental health is miles ahead of where it was last January (no suicidal ideation, panic attacks down to ~2 a month).

I did not finish my degree, but I'm getting close. I HAVE managed to stop feeling guilty about taking longer in school, which I su... (read more)

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Open Thread, Dec. 28 - Jan. 3, 2016

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