Voting is a very similar problem.

Not quite.

The local population consists of 80% blue people and 20% orange people. For some reason, the blue people dislike orange people. A blue leader arises who says "We must kill all the orange people and take their stuff!" Well, it's an issue, and how do people properly decide on a policy? By voting, of course. Everyone votes and the policy passes by simple majority. And so the blue people kill all the orange people and take their stuff. The end.

I'm not sure that's a fair problem to ascribe to voting. If >50% of that populace wants to kill the orange folks its going to happen, however they select their leaders. It isn't voting's fault that this example is filled with maniacs.

-3Houshalter5yBut maybe that's the correct outcome? If 80% of the population truly believes that some people should die, maybe they should. What higher authority can we appeal to? I'm not saying I think minorities should die. But I also don't think the majority thinks that either. So it's just an absurd hypothetical. You could say the same thing about CEV in general. "We shouldn't take the utility function of humanity, because what if it's bad?" Bad according to what? What higher utility function are we using to determine badness? Some individual's? I think Condorcet voting is the best way to compromise between a lot of different people's values. It tends to favor moderates and compromises. Especially the Minimax method i mentioned. I don't think this system is great, I just think it's the best we can possibly do.
2[anonymous]5yThis is exactly the type of problems that mathematicians have tried to solve with different voting schemes. One recent example that has the potential to solve this problem is quadratic vote buying, which takes into account strong preferences of minorities.

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