Why is my karma so low? Is there something I'm consistently doing wrong that I can do less wrong? I'm sorry.

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Don't buy these comments too much. i'm glancing through them, they're much too critical. Listen to Nancy if anyone.

3RichardKennaway5yIn addition to what everyone else has said, here's [http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html] a useful article on how to ask smart questions. It's talking about asking technical questions on support forums, but the matter generalises, especially the advice to make your best effort to answer it yourself, before asking it publicly, and when you do, to provide the context and where you have got to already.
1Elo5yas a hard rule; when posting in open; the ratio of your posts to posts by others should always be below 1:3 (other's might want to comment and suggest 1:4). You should post less then 1 in 4 of the posts in the open thread. They often read like a stream of consciousness (I think you know this already), and you might be better off taking on board some of the ideas of sitting on thoughts over a day or so and re-evaluating them for yourself before posting. As a side note: presentation of an idea can help the reception. We are still human; and do care for delicate wording on some topics.

Open thread, Nov. 23 - Nov. 29, 2015

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If it's worth saying, but not worth its own post (even in Discussion), then it goes here.

Notes for future OT posters:

1. Please add the 'open_thread' tag.

2. Check if there is an active Open Thread before posting a new one. (Immediately before; refresh the list-of-threads page before posting.)

3. Open Threads should be posted in Discussion, and not Main.

4. Open Threads should start on Monday, and end on Sunday.