I'm watching Demis Hassabis' talk, and I must say that it's super irritating that the camera is essentially focused on the speaker, and every once in awhile cuts to the slides. I don't care about watching the speaker talk. At all. I can hear the speaker just fine. Can I please just see the slides? Better yet, show the slides with an inset of the speaker in one of the corners of the slide.

This is especially irritating when the camera is focused on the speaker while he's describing elements of the slides. Case in point, at 13:52 of the Hassabis video, he's e... (read more)

You're providing valuable feedback about something that probably bothered every viewer of the Hassabis video, so don't apologize!

It's a shame that the best talk (imho) was the one that included the most interaction with the slides. I searched for the slides online but couldn't find them (his publications are at http://www.gatsby.ucl.ac.uk/~demis/ but no slides).

7nazgulnarsil9y"show the slides with an inset of the speaker in one of the corners of the slide." this really needs to be a universal standard practice for presentations.
0Vaniver9yI find it disturbing that the camera appears to be wiggling around (at least during Eliezer's talk), and so I'm skipping the visuals entirely.

(Some) Singularity Summit 2010 videos now up

by ata 1 min read15th Dec 201012 comments


Videos of some of the talks and panel discussions (currently eight twelve of them) from this year's Singularity Summit are now online.

Michael Vassar:
The Darwinian Method

Eliezer Yudkowsky:
Simplified Humanism and Positive Futurism

Demis Hassabis:
Combining systems neuroscience and machine learning: a new approach to AGI

Shane Legg:
Universal measures of intelligence

Debate: Terry Sejnowski and Dennis Bray
Will we soon realistically emulate biological systems?

Jose Cordeiro:
The Future of Energy and the Energy of the Future

Panel: John Tooby, Ben Goertzel, Eliezer Yudkowsky, and Shane Legg
Narrow and General Intelligence

Ray Kurzweil:
The Mind and How to Build One

Gregory Stock:
Evolution of Post-Human Intelligence

Ramez Naam:
The Digital Biome

Ben Goertzel:
AI Against Aging

Dennis Bray:
What Cells Can Do That Robots Can't