In the first two the o's are long and the u's and e's are short. "Mode"- "us" (like the english words) "Pone" (long o), "Toll" (as in booth) "enz".

Hofstadter I've heard pronounced with the second 't' silent and the 'a' pronounced as a short 'e'. The 'o' is short. Hoff- stedder. Jaynes, I believe is just a long 'a', silent e. Parfit is "par" as in "par for the course" and "fit" as in "you should exercise to get fit".

Moar liek modus pwnens. "Fool just got modus pwned!" (Though modus tollens tends to pwn more in practice... logic doesn't make any sense.)

Word Pronunciation

by Oscar_Cunningham 1 min read10th Sep 201113 comments


How does one pronounce these words?


(If there are any other words commonly used here that you don't know how to pronounce, mention them in the comments and I'll copy them into the post, to make a handy reference.)