Approximations by Google Translate (click on the "listen" icon on the right):

Modus Tollens (Latin) Modus Ponens (Latin) Hofstadter (German) Jaynes (English) Deutsch (German)

I'm quite impressed by the quality of Google Translate; the pronunciations match well what I envision based on my modest Latin and German knowledge.

I'm not sure about "Parfit"'s linguistic origins. As a random shot at it, here is a French version with silent "t".

I'd also like to do some service in favor of poor Csíkszentmihályi.

Other Hungarian fellows: Erdős, Szilárd.

Word Pronunciation

by Oscar_Cunningham 1 min read10th Sep 201113 comments


How does one pronounce these words?


(If there are any other words commonly used here that you don't know how to pronounce, mention them in the comments and I'll copy them into the post, to make a handy reference.)