Dessert is tasty even when you're already full, so if you're going to eat some eat it first to avoid obesity. This might not work if you have a strong habit of clearing your plate even if you don't need more food.

Dessert is tasty even when you're already full

The law of marginal utility satisfaction says no. But it's still true that you need to watch how much you eat.

1[anonymous]5yRelated life advice: Get smaller plates, you'll eat less.

Life Advice Repository

by Gunnar_Zarncke 1 min read18th Oct 201514 comments


Looking thru the Repository Repository I can't find a nice category for a lot of real life or self help advice that has been posted here over time. Sure some belongs to the Boring Advice Repository but the following you surely wouldn't expect there:

Lets start with lukeprog's all-time favorite

What other real life advice would you like to see here?

There are also very good posts that might be relevant to a rationalists life but could also go into some Rationality Advice Repository - but then all of LW falls kind of into that category. Some examples:



I see that I'm unable to draw a clear line on what falls into this category and thus suggest that specific rationality advice of 'this kind' be left out.