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I've been thinking about arxiv-sanity lately and I think it would be cool to have a sort of "LW papers" where we share papers that are relevant to the topics discussed on this website. I know that's what link posts are supposed to be for, but I don't want to clutter up the main feed. Many of the papers I want to share are related to the topics we discuss, but I don't think they're worthy of their own posts.

I might start linking papers in my short-form feed.

I've also been thinking about this. I think link-posts are a good first-step and maybe we should make more link-posts for papers we find interesting. But one issue that I have with LW is that it's pretty blog-like (similar to Reddit and HackerNews); so for some of these things it could be difficult for old papers to accumulate reviews and comments over a long period of people reading them.

5Raemon2moFWIW I think link-posts are just fine for this. Although I'm not sure I understand exactly what your goal is

FactorialCode's Shortform

by FactorialCode 30th Jul 201922 comments